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Ministry of Health Collaborates with Stakeholders to Strengthen Disaster Response Amid Heavy Rains

Nairobi Wednesday November 8, 2023 In light of the ongoing heavy rains disrupting health service delivery and elevating the risk of waterborne diseases, the Ministry of Health is taking proactive steps to enhance its preparedness and response. The Ministry has developed a comprehensive contingency plan to address worst-case scenarios and typical consequences of the rains.

The path to success in disaster response and healthcare resilience requires a collective effort involving a diverse range of stakeholders. The Ministry is actively partnering with various government agencies and collaborators to bolster preparedness and response efforts.

A significant milestone in this collaborative endeavor was achieved during a stakeholders meeting, where a strategy for effective response was outlined.

The invaluable support and collaboration from partners, both within and outside the healthcare sector, remain crucial to the success of our response strategies. The government commits to providing leadership, coordination, and the necessary regulatory framework.