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Ministry of Health Reaffirms Commitment to Oral Health Enhancement

Kiambu, Kenya - 21st March 2024 - The Ministry of Health reiterates its commitment to prioritizing oral health within comprehensive healthcare strategies.

 Principal Secretary for Medical Services, Mr. Harry Kimtai, emphasized this dedication during the World Oral Health Day celebrations in Kiambu County.
 Mr. Kimtai underscored the Ministry's pledge to address oral health needs nationwide by empowering Community Health Promoters (CHPs) through specialized training.
This initiative aims to equip CHPs with the necessary tools and knowledge to promote oral health awareness and preventive measures within their communities.
Furthermore, the Ministry seeks to enhance these efforts through collaborations with organizations such as the WHO Africa Region Office. By fostering partnerships, the Ministry aims to leverage resources and expertise to maximize the impact of oral health initiatives.
Through investments in education and prevention initiatives, the Ministry of Health aims to improve the overall quality of life for all Kenyan citizens. Oral health remains a fundamental component of the Ministry's agenda, reflecting its commitment to advancing public health and well-being.