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Nakhumicha Boosts Nangina Mission Hospital

Busia, Kenya - 4th January 2023

Health CS Nakhumicha Wafula took swift action to bolster faith-based hospitals, aligning efforts with these institutions for Universal Health Coverage (UHC) amid historical challenges faced by past administrations.

During her visit to Nangina Mission Hospital in Busia, she emphasized the pivotal role played by private medical sectors in delivering quality healthcare, a crucial step towards realizing UHC.

The CS confirmed NHIF's disbursement of Kshs 2.5 million out of the Kshs 22.5 million owed to the facility, despite the recent temporary halt of the Social Health Insurance Fund Act 2023 by a high court ruling.

She assured ongoing reforms to fortify affordable healthcare delivery.

"Current NHIF structures cater mainly to salaried individuals, leaving out many Kenyans. Our goal is to ensure universal access through the Social Health Authority. The government will support those unable to pay. Today, Kshs 2.5 million has been remitted, with the remaining amount soon to follow after reconciling pending figures," she stated.

Nakhumicha also committed to securing adequate medical supplies and staffing, underscoring the crucial role of local facilities in delivering affordable healthcare. "I intend to identify gaps in dispensaries and health centers, fostering strong partnerships between County and National governments," she added."