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Empowering Kenya Against Meningitis: A Vital Health Initiative

NAKURU, Kenya - 18th September 2023 - Meningitis remains a persistent global healthcare challenge, with its highest prevalence in Africa over the past two decades. In response to this pressing issue, the Ministry of Health's Disease Surveillance and Response Unit is in the process of developing a comprehensive Meningitis Elimination Plan, with WHO at the forefront of this effort. 
The primary objective is to eliminate bacterial meningitis epidemics, reduce preventable cases and fatalities, and strengthen the resilience of healthcare systems across the country. 
The comprehensive approach outlined in the "Framework to Defeat Meningitis in Africa by 2030" recognizes that addressing these critical components is vital to achieving the overarching goal of a meningitis-free Africa by 2030.
This framework is designed to achieve several critical objectives, including improving access to advanced vaccines, advocating for proactive meningitis prevention, reducing mortality rates, introducing cost-effective vaccines, promoting effective communication and community engagement, and enhancing the quality of treatment and laboratory services. 
A central element of this initiative is to empower individual countries to take ownership of their efforts in the fight against meningitis.