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Dr. Patrick Amoth, EBS
Acting Director General Ministry of Health

Dr. Amoth serves as the Acting Director General for Health. He holds a Bachelor in Medicine and Bachelor in Surgery Degree from the University of Nairobi as well as a Master of Medicine in Obstetrics and Gynecology from the same institution. He is also a holder of a Diploma in Health Systems Management from Galilee College in Israel.

Dr. Amoth currently chairs the World Health Organization’s Executive Board. Previously he headed the Directorate of Public Health where he spearheaded strategy development for effective delivery of health services in all the 47 Counties in Kenya. He also headed the department of health sector coordination and inter- governmental affairs. He has extensive experience in civil service having risen from a Medical Officer Intern to Medical Superintendent in Kiambu District Hospital and later served as the District Medical Officer of Health for the now Kiambu County. He also had a successful stint as the Chief Medical Specialist and Senior Deputy Director of Medical Services at Mama Lucy Kibaki Hospital in Nairobi.