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Partnerships Towards Universal Health Coverage (UH

Partnerships Towards Universal Health Coverage (UH

Nairobi, Wednesday March 29,2023
Today, Dr. Josephine Mburu, the Principal Secretary of the Ministry of Health, State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, met with representatives from Intrahealth International and Ideal Health Organization (IHO) to discuss areas of cooperation towards Universal Health Coverage (UHC). 
They focused on proposals to improve Primary Health Care with a focus on preventive and promotive health aspects, while also considering equity and felt needs for different counties' distribution of health programs.
Intrahealth has already partnered with the Ministry of Health and counties on the Human Resources for Health (HRH) Kenya Mechanism, aimed at strengthening health workforce management to achieve improved health outcomes in 28 counties. 
Meanwhile, IHO is looking to partner with the Ministry in several areas, including Partner Coordination and Dialogue Platforms, Data Analytics, and Capacity Building.