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Principal Secretary Kimtai Convenes Telecommunications Meeting to Advance Digital Health Superhighway

Nairobi, Kenya - 6th June 2024 -  In a move to advance the Digital Health Superhighway and enhance healthcare accessibility and effectiveness through digital innovation, Mr. Harry Kimtai, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Medical Services, today convened a meeting with key stakeholders from the telecommunications industry. 

The meeting aimed to foster strong relationships essential for the efficient rollout of the Digital Health Superhighway. Discussions highlighted the indispensable role of telecommunications in bridging gaps within the healthcare sector, emphasizing continuous cooperation between healthcare providers, technology firms, and telecommunications companies.

 Deliberations focused on strategies for developing robust digital infrastructure supporting health services across urban and rural areas. Potential challenges in expanding network coverage and ensuring reliability were identified, and proposed solutions were discussed. 

 The meeting also addressed the need for interoperable systems facilitating seamless data exchange among various healthcare entities. Standardized protocols were explored to enhance system compatibility and data security. 

 The meeting also identified the necessity to review current policies and regulatory frameworks impacting the deployment of digital health solutions. Potential policy adjustments aimed at fostering innovation and investment in digital health technologies were considered. 

 The importance of continuous engagement with all stakeholders, including patients, healthcare professionals, and government bodies, was underscored. The discussion also centered on the establishment of a task force to oversee implementation and monitor progress. The meeting concluded with a renewed commitment from all parties to collaborate closely in advancing the Digital Health Superhighway and revolutionizing healthcare delivery.