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PS Kimtai Calls for Urgent Action to Combat Cholera Outbreaks and Ensure Food Safety for Public Health Protection

Nairobi, Kenya -June 7, 2023 - Principal Secretary Harry Kimtai of the State Department of Medical Services has issued a compelling call to action in the face of pressing food safety concerns and recurring cholera outbreaks 
Urging immediate measures to protect public health, the Principal Secretary emphasized the shared responsibility and the critical role of Food Business Operators (FBOs) in upholding rigorous standards. Collaboration among stakeholders was highlighted as essential for a comprehensive and sustainable approach to food safety.
During the 5th World Food Safety Day event at safari park hotel  , the Principal Secretary addressed the urgency of preventive measures to combat both food and waterborne transmission. 
Citing the worrisome impact of these outbreaks on individuals and communities, he stressed the need to prioritize food safety measures to alleviate strain on healthcare systems and improve health outcomes.
Ongoing efforts to strengthen food safety regulations were underscored, including the development of the Food and Feed Safety Control Coordination Bill 2023. This progressive bill aims to enhance consumer protection, address regulatory gaps, and establish a dedicated office for food safety control. Through improved coordination among government agencies and stakeholders, it seeks to create a safer food supply chain.
To effectively prevent the spread of cholera, Principal Secretary Kimtai emphasized the importance of promoting safe food handling practices, maintaining proper sanitation and hygiene, and ensuring access to clean drinking water.