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PS Muthoni Leads National Tree Planting in West Pokot County: Advocates for Climate Action  

In West Pokot County today, Ms. Mary Muthoni, Principal Secretary of the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards, took charge of the National Tree Growing exercise. Urging against climate-damaging activities, she emphasized, "It is imperative to discourage practices that exacerbate the challenges we face in Kenya."

Highlighting the importance of trees, especially medicinal and fruit-bearing varieties, she stated, "Trees play a crucial role in mitigating climate change, and their diverse benefits contribute to our overall well-being."

In the context of Kenya's pressing issues, where 14,000 lives succumb to air pollution yearly and 41% face water scarcity, Ms. Muthoni stressed the urgency for essential action. The Ministry of Health is spearheading climate-friendly initiatives, investing in solarized facilities and collaborating with Belgium on waste management.

Ms. Muthoni pointed out the government's substantial investment of 2.5 billion Kenyan Shillings in non-burn technology across 15 counties. She also highlighted the establishment of an air pollution research hub at KEMRI, positioning Kenya at the forefront of global climate change mitigation.

Emphasizing a comprehensive approach, she mentioned the ongoing formulation of the Kenya Climate Change and Health Strategy. Ms. Muthoni highlighted the commitment to equipping healthcare providers with carbon management training.

"As we continue with tree-planting initiatives, may each tree we plant become a symbol of Kenya's dedication to forging a resilient and sustainable future for all," said the PS. "Together, through collective efforts and responsible choices, we can navigate these challenges and ensure the well-being of our current and future generations."