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Revitalizing Public Health Systems for Socioeconomic Development

Nairobi ,2023Kenya grapples with the monumental challenge of handling 22,000 tonnes of daily waste, with a mere 10% being disposed of correctly. The hazardous practice of open dumping and burning not only jeopardizes public health but also hampers socio-economic progress.

Sanitation-related diseases cast ominous shadows over the nation, from upper respiratory illnesses to the relentless spread of malaria, cholera outbreaks, and the prevalent presence of typhoid in healthcare facilities. The lingering effects of COVID-19 persist due to inadequate hygiene practices.

The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with development partners, is crafting a robust strategy to tackle  sanitation related diseases. A comprehensive approach is deemed essential to pave the way for a cleaner and healthier nation. Collective efforts and commitment are crucial to translating this vision into a tangible reality.