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Revolutionizing Public Services: Kenya Unveils 5000 Services on e-Citizen Portal

Nairobi, Kenya -, 2023 - In a landmark development that promises to transform the landscape of public service delivery, the Kenyan government has officially launched the e-Citizen Portal, making 5000 government services readily accessible to its citizens. The move comes as part of a larger digitalization initiative aimed at streamlining processes, fostering transparency, and minimizing corruption through reduced physical contact between citizens and intermediaries.
Under the visionary leadership of His Excellency, President William Ruto, the government has directed all ministries, state departments, agencies, and parastatals to digitize their services and make them available on the e-Citizen Portal. This remarkable endeavor seeks to enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of service delivery while providing employment opportunities and promoting a corruption-free environment.
Commenting on this groundbreaking milestone, CS Health, Nakhumicha Susan, emphasized the significance of digitizing government services, stating, "This move is a crucial step towards achieving efficient service delivery and transparent governance. By leveraging the e-Citizen Portal, we are empowering citizens to access essential healthcare services and information easily. This digital transformation will revolutionize the way healthcare is delivered, ensuring timely and convenient access for all."
The e-Citizen Portal hosts a wide range of programs and services in the health sector, including the National Health Record, Electronic Claims Management System, Point of Care system for inpatient and outpatient monitoring of drug dispensing, Digital Kiosks, Vigilance System, JALI Interactive System, and many others. These services are designed to offer Kenyans greater control over their healthcare journey, enabling them to own and manage their health records and engage in interactive sessions with instant feedback.
Furthermore, Principal Secretary State Department for Medical Services, Harry Kimtai, highlighted the positive impact of this digital transformation on the healthcare sector, stating, "By empowering 100,000 Community Health Promoters with access to MOH data through the e-Citizen Portal, we can monitor their performance and enhance healthcare delivery. This initiative eliminates intermediaries, ensuring that Kenyans have full control over their health records, and facilitates seamless collaboration between healthcare providers and citizens."
The digitization of government services on the e-Citizen Portal marks a monumental shift towards efficient service delivery, transparency, and citizen empowerment. Kenyans can now access a wide range of essential services with ease, significantly reducing bureaucracy and enhancing their overall experience. This digital revolution sets the stage for a future where technology plays a pivotal role in shaping a more inclusive, accessible, and accountable public service system.
"We believe that by digitizing government services through the e-Citizen Portal, we are ushering in a new era of efficient and transparent public service delivery. This transformative move will not only enhance convenience for citizens but also strengthen our commitment to professionalism and high standards in the public sector." - PS Public Health and Professional Standards, Mary Muthoni Muriuki said.