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Smiling Forward: Kenya’s Vision for Oral Health 2022-2030

Nairobi ,2023 The Kenya National Oral Health Policy 2022-2030 aims to combat dental issues:

1.) Reduce dental caries by 25%

2.) Cut periodontal disease by 50%

3.) Decrease dental fluorosis in kids by 50% and 

4.) Boost oral cancer awareness for overall health #UHC.

To make dental services more affordable and accessible, the government seeks partnerships to expand local dental technology manufacturing.

Principal Secretary State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards Mary Muthoni Muriuki says the Kenya-Italy MoU that seeks to realise universal health coverage through improved pharmaceutical production and other innovative strategies could enhance dental services in country with Italy's vast expertise and dental technology industry.

The ongoing Italian Trade Agency (ITA)/Italian Dental Industries Association (UNIDI)/Kenya Dental Association (KDA) Seminar fosters collaboration among dental health stakeholders to improve services.