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State Department of Medical Services Takes Proactive Measures to Address Concerns of Striking Medical Interns

In a significant development , the State Department of Medical Services, under the leadership of Principal Secretary Harry Kimtai, has taken proactive measures to address the concerns raised by striking medical interns. The primary objective of the meeting, chaired by PS Harry Kimtai, was to find effective solutions and restore harmony within the medical community.

During the meeting, PS Harry Kimtai provided assurance to the interns regarding the handling of their arrears. Confirming progress in addressing their financial concerns, the interns acknowledged that payment for one month has already been credited to their accounts. Additionally, the PS made a resolute commitment to streamline the internship program, aiming to eliminate future gaps. To achieve this, the ministry will engage with universities to establish a well-planned projection for the program.

One of the key focuses of the interns' quest was the identification of unposted interns and the resolution of payment arrears.

Emphasizing the Ministry of Medical Services' awareness of the challenges faced by the interns, PS Harry Kimtai expressed the ministry's dedication to resolving these issues promptly.


This development marks a positive step forward in the ongoing dialogue between the State Department of Medical Services and the striking medical interns. It serves as a testament to the ministry's commitment to promptly and effectively address the concerns raised by the interns, with the aim of fostering a harmonious medical community.