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A Two of Meeting with Parliamentary Committee on Health Addressing Human Resources, Programs and Legal Issues

Mombasa Friday September 1, 2023 The meeting delved into the critical issue of human resources for health, acknowledging that a well-trained and adequate healthcare workforce is essential for delivering quality healthcare services.

Acknowledging the importance of streamlining healthcare services to optimize efficiency and effectiveness, we explored potential methods to eliminate redundancies and optimize resource allocation, ultimately ensuring that healthcare services reach those in need promptly.

There was also a comprehensive dialogue on how to rationalize internship opportunities for medical and healthcare students in view of the tight fiscal space.

In addition, time was also devoted t to discussing improvement in service delivery within the Malaria Program and Disease surveillance as Strategic Public Health units. The meeting explored ways to enhance the effectiveness of ongoing healthcare programs, including better coordination, increased funding, and community engagement strategies.

Principal Secretary State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards Mary Muthoni Muriuki noted discussions pave the way for tangible improvements in our healthcare sector.

"The State Department will continue working closely with healthcare stakeholders, professionals, and experts to implement key strategies for a healthier nation." The PS said.