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United On A Mission To End HIV, TB And Malaria

Nairobi Thursday September 7, 2023 The Ministry of Health considers the Global Fund a vital ally in our tireless battle against HIV, TB, and Malaria, and reinforcing Resilient and Sustainable Systems for Health (RSSH).

In our ongoing commitment to transparency and effective collaboration, a significant joint meeting was convened with the Global Fund Country Team the National Treasury and the Ministry of Health.

The purpose of this gathering was to address various issues stemming from the Global Fund's ongoing mission visit regarding the three programmatic areas.

These topics included the absorption of funds, the counterpart finance budget, outstanding bills, and the integration of Global Fund-supported personnel within our ministry's structure.

The ministry remains unwavering in its dedication to ensure every dollar from Global Fund grants is utilized with utmost accountability and efficiency.

We have initiated robust mechanisms to track and manage these resources effectively, fostering trust and a lasting partnership.

Together, we continue our shared mission to combat these devastating diseases and build resilient healthcare systems for a brighter, healthier future.