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Upgrading of the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory

Nairobi Monday August28, 2023 The Ministry of Health, in collaboration with Development Partners, is working on upgrading the National Tuberculosis Reference Laboratory. This project aims to transform the facility into a state-of-the-art Biosafety Level three Laboratory (BSL-3), ensuring top-tier safety standards.

The BSL-3 will be a high-security containment facility for handling virological and TB multidrug/extremely resistant organisms.

Principal Secretary Mary Muthoni of the State Department for Public Health and Professional Standards met with the task force overseeing the renovation today to review recommendations.

The task force has recommended restoring of key systems to meet World Health Organization containment standards for BSL3. The upgrade includes structural, electrical, and mechanical enhancements, in line with technical and regulatory standards.

She expressed the Ministry's commitment to expedite the renovation process, aiming to enhance staff safety and improve healthcare quality for Kenyans.